Video of the day: Culk – ‘Faust’

Culk continue the excellent work of their debut track ‘Begierde/Scham’ with another track that just gets under your skin. From the simplistic rhythm to the hypnotic lyrics of lead-singer Sophie Löw, there’s just something immensely wonderful about this band.
Catch them live at the following gigs


18.02.2019 Passau, Zauberberg

19.02.2019 Freiburg, Slow Club

20.02.2019 Köln, Buhmann & Sohn

21.02.2019 Hannover, Zum Stern

22.02.2019 Hamburg, Molotow

23.02.2019 Berlin, Monarch

25.02.2019 Dresden, Ostpol

26.02.2019 Nürnberg, Club Stereo

27.02.2019 Bamberg, Pizzini

22.03.2019 Salzburg, Arge

23.03.2019 Linz, Kapu

26.04.2019 Stuttgart, Merlin

04.05.2019 München, Milla





Video of the day: Balthazar – ‘Fever’

Balthazar are back with news that their forthcoming album Fever that will be released on January, 25th, 2019 through Play It Again Sam. Alongside this news, they have shared the album’s title track and accompanying video. And oh boy, it’s an absolute cracker!
It’s clear from the opening notes of the album’s first and title track “Fever” that the five-piece have changed, not least due to their individual musical pursuits over the past few years. Opening with a rolling languid bass riff, “Fever” unfurls into a slinky sunset jam, a swooping string motif adding drama to the funky bustle that fanfares Balthazar into new territory with their fourth album; honest, playful and underpinned with a carefree abandon from two extraordinary songwriters.
Following the band’s self-imposed hiatus, a break that saw frontmen and writing partners Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere pursuing different individual interests from both a personal and creative perspective that has ultimately led the band to fashion their most cohesive album to date.
The break saw Devoldere release two albums of lush, moody art-jazz as Warhaus which, freed from the work constraints of Balthazar, eventually resulted in him ending up at a retreat in Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, his best friend since school, Deprez, remained at home in Ghent working in the studio, indulging his love of old-school R&B, and releasing a solo record under the nom de plume J. Bernardt. The freedom to indulge their whims and the result of those solo successes led to the urge to write together again, propelled by a broader artistic horizon and hastened by their mutual respect for each other’s work.
On reconvening the band had no plans, just a simple desire to better their previous works, and to further the band’s story. Both primary songwriters agreed on a less serious vision leaning towards a looser, refreshed sound – less melancholic, but retaining their unerring ability to create a hook-laden armoury. As Devoldere explains; “Some songs felt like classic Balthazar pop songs, others a little chipper, but it wasn’t until we had Fever that we had the foundation for the rest of the album.”


2/6 – The Fleece, BRISTOL UK
2/7 – Green Door Store, BRIGHTON UK
2/8 – The Deaf Institute, MANCHESTER UK
2/9 – Whelans, DUBLIN IE
2/10– Oran Mor, GLASGOW UK
2/12– Scala, LONDON UK
2/13 – Live Music Hall, KÖLN DE
2/14 – Grunspan, HAMBURG DE
2/15 – Huxleys, BERLIN DE
2/16 – Technikum, MUNICH DE
2/17 – Batschkapp, FRANKFURT DE
2/19 – Flex, VIENNA AT
2/20 – Santeria Social Club, MILAN IT
2/22 -Les Docks, LAUSANNE CH
2/23 – Plaza, ZURICH CH
2/25 – Majestic Music Club, BRATISLAVA SK
2/26– Control Club, BUCHAREST RO
2/28– Lucerna Music Bar, PRAGUE CZ
3/1 – Klub Proxima, WARSAW PL
3/8 – Lotto Arena, ANTWERP BE
3/24 – Aeronef Club, PARIS FR
3/25 – Casino de Paris, PARIS FR
3/28 – Épicerie Moderne, FEYZIN FR
3/29 – Rockstore, MONTPELIER FR
3/30 – Sala Apolo, BARCELONA ESP
3/31 – Cool Stage, MADRID ES
4/2 – Krakatoa, BORDEAUX FR
4/3 – Stereolux, NANTES FR






Video of the day: Einhorn – ‘The Chase’

What happens if you watch movies from the eighties while writing your own songs? The answer can be found in Einhorn’s new single (out now), which is based on the eponymous Charlie Sheen movie The Chase. It may not be an all-time classic, but it makes it even more remarkable that the band were able to create such an atmospheric and haunting track based on this film.

With this track, Einhorn presents itself in a completely new guise and proves that they not only feel at home in the genre “good mood music”. The song may remind you of a German-language alternative to Electric Youth and is rounded off by a brilliant guitar solo. Watch the excellent video to the track above.







‘Kopf’ is quite a departure from what EUROTEURO has released so far as the band take their foot off the gas and onto what sounds like a double bass for the next track off their upcoming debut album, Volume 1 (out on 9th of November). It’s not as wacky or intrusive as some of their earlier stuff and the video helps encompass the loneliness of the song voice as a solitary man wanders through the woods. Watch it above.

EUROTEURO will be celebrating the release of their album with a gig at Werk on 9th of November in Vienna and then in Graz on the 11th. FB / Tickets




Video of the day: Night Marcher – “Us & Them”

Night Marcher have released a politically charged track which perfectly fits the occasion, with this week’s political circus about to go into overdrive in America. Watch the video above and hope for a better world…

‘Us & Them’ is taken off the band’s sophomore album of the same title which will be released on 16th of November and can be ordered here.



Born from the ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors, you can feel the rhythm, pulsing in the distance as the Night Marcher wards off evil spirits. Though it may blur in and out of reality, this is not an illusion.

In the late-nineties, static clogged the radio waves and Rob Reinfurt drifted from music. As the crowd poured out into the streets after a late night rock show, he was handed a Horde Tour Compilation CD and one track resonated like no other.

It is no coincidence that “Night Marchers” was the first tune that songwriter Rob Reinfurt heard from the avant-groove band, Medeski, Martin and Wood; a band that has been influential in the way he approaches music.

Fast forward ten years. Selfish wandering and social promiscuity was taking it’s toll and Reinfurt got knocked out. It was clear that passionless pursuits had no place in his life. He battled with the law and himself. The angst summoned songs and they came in droves: Rock songs, fuzz, reminiscent of the ones which rattled his teenage years. His first creative pursuit, The Weekenders, became his outlet for this expression.

As the grip loosened, the music which greeted him started to morph, becoming more psychedelic, musky and soulful.




Video of the day: Melt Downer – “CLOWN”

It seemed like an impossible thing to do, but Melt Downer have only gone and topped their 1st single with the release of the infectiously good ‘Clown.’ The single comes with a spectacularly cinematic video directed by Kevin Pham that stars the PlanetenParty as they sink into madness in the forest. Watch it above.

Following the tradition of various bands associated with Girls Rock, DIVES switch instruments look to renew what is thought to be traditional surf sound. Sharing the load as singers, Tamara and Viktoria speak their minds as they challenge their listeners.






Video of the day: DIVES – “Waiting”

The wonderful Austrian trio DIVES are back with a grainy, retro video for their latest single, ‘Waiting’. Filmed with Super8 and directed by Kevin Pham, the video follows the band are through the hallways and rooms of an old mansion. Watch it above.

Following the tradition of various bands associated with Girls Rock, DIVES switch instruments look to renew what is thought to be traditional surf sound. Sharing the load as singers, Tamara and Viktoria speak their minds as they challenge their listeners.


DIVES music celebrates levity, the lightheartedness of juvenileness. Viktoria’s baselines offer the melody to the fast-paced lifestyle of young adults. Supported by the impelling beats of Dora’s drums, ranging from samba rhythms to minimal accentuation. All this is belted together by Tamara’s up-front guitar playing, sometimes losing itself in a loop-driven vortex of sound. On top of it all, impelling melodies paired with interesting voices offer the full package: DIVES are three friends, lacking all insincerity, doing what they like best – having a good time and taking the audience along on their journey.


2018-10-30 GER – Passau, Zauberberg

2018-10-31 GER – Nürnberg, K4

2018-11-01 GER – Chemnitz, Lokomov

2018-11-02 GER – Berlin, Monarch

2018-11-04 GER – München, Unter Deck

2018-11-08 FRA – Nantes, Stereolux

2018-11-22 AUT – Wels, Youki – Alter Schlachthof 

2018-12-14 AUT – Wien, Chelsea (+ Sluff)




Video of the day: DOOMINA – “I, Barbarian”


DOOMINA are back. The post-rock quartet consisting of Daniel Gedermann (guitar), Lukas Geyer (guitar), Erich Kuttnig (drums) and Christian Oberlercher (bass), have been around since 2006, and they are now about to release their fourth album called Orenda.

Orenda is the result of the journey that has taken them to point the band currently finds itself. It is the force that connects all living things, spirits and elements; in that same way that it connects the listener with the four souls of DOOMINA.

Those who like it rough will lose their metal hearts to the single I, Barbarian. Watch the glossy video above!

You can pre-order the album on Noise Appeal here.




Video of the day: Dahlia Sleeps – Storm


South London-based band Dahlia Sleeps recently signed to Beatnik Creative, and with it comes the release of their video to Storm and the news that their latest EP, ‘Love, Lost’ will be out on December 3rd. ‘Storm’ is a beautifully atmospheric and haunting piece of music. The video accompanies it perfectly as it brings out the emotional rawness of the song. Watch it above.

Speaking about the video, singer Lucy Hill said:

“The directors Ruby and Leo did such a beautiful job exploring the emotions that ‘Storm’ brings up. We wanted to keep the video super simple when translating those emotions onto screen – they are such a universal struggle but they play out differently in each of us. I hope the video captures that for people.” 



Written about the blurred boundaries that we so often encounter when two hearts or two bodies meet, it’s a song that was formed initially on the piano in Lucy Hill’s living room. Luke Hester, the band’s producer then built the beautiful instrumental piece around it the very next day. Hester’s haunting, skeletal electronic production, paired with Lucy Hill’s delicate, soulful vocal make for a stunning partnership – and signifies a new dawn for the band.

“It’s a song that feels truly us – I feel this comfort in it that I don’t think I’ve felt before. I’ve been reading a tonne of poetry in the last year or so and that’s massively inspired me to step up in my writing. When you’re telling a story that’s important to you, each word has to count for something. I think that philosophy runs through everything we’ve created on this upcoming EP.” Lucy Hill 

Video of the day: LIKE ELEPHANTS – Tokyo


LIKE ELEPHANTS are back with a new single, new album and ready to get cracking on a new tour as well. Tokyo is the first single off the new album Kaleidoscope, and they’ve released a stylish new video to accompany it as well!

In their new work, LIKE ELEPHANTS deal with principles and contradictions of human life: euphoria and melancholy, joy and sorrow, optimism and uncertainty. Opposites that could not be more different. This 2nd long player from the Austrian dream-pop band tries to unite these opposing forces like Ying and Yang.

The album comes out on 14th of September on Las Vegas Records.



FR 28.09.2018 – Wien, Waves Vienna (AT)
FR 16.11.2018 – Wien, B72 (AT)
SA 23.11.2018 – Grieskirchen, Einfach So Festival (AT)
SA 24.11.2018 – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (AT)
SO 02.12.2018 – Passau, Zeughaus (DE)
FR 07.12.2018 – München – Heppel und Ettlich (DE)
DI 11.12.2018 – Jena – Cafe Wagner (DE)
MI 12.12.2018 – Hamburg – Astra Stube (DE)
DO 13.12.2018 – Leipzig – Ilses Erika (DE)
FR 14.12.2018 – Berlin – Rosi’s (DE)


On Repeat Right Now – EDWIN – SCHMÄH OLÉ (prod. JOCE)

His mix of singing, rap and modern sound that gels and mutates Viennese slang with English on a backdrop of urban beats currently make the man who guys by the name of Edwin one of the most exciting prospects on the Austrian scene. Watch the video to his latest single above to find out why for yourself. 

Edwins EP Bahoe Tape dropped on 7th of September on Futuresfuture.

Listen to the EP here



Video of the day: Watch Leyya perform ‘Zoo’ at Haus des Meeres

Check out this lovely stripped down version of Zoo performed by Leyya at Vienna’s Haus des Meeres. It was filmed by They Shoot Music and is part of the Ganz Wien series which features performances from Alicia Edelweiss, Paul Plut, Golnar and Kimyan Law.

Listen to Zoo here 


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Video of the week: Interpol – If You Really Love Nothing

Interpol have gotten all Hollywood for their latest track, If You Really Love Nothing, by enlisting the help of A-lister Kristen Stewart and giving her free reign to do whatever she wants on film. We just can’t stop listening to this track at the moment!

The track is off Interpol recently released album Marauder.

Listen to the album here 



On Repeat Right Now – Mavi Pheonix – Ibiza

Mavi Phoenix gives us an insight into her personal life in the video to her latest track, Ibiza, which she has labelled “self-explanatory” to anyone watching it. It’s an honest and brave move from a young artist in her position, and we’ve got lots of love for it!

She’ll be dropping even more music in October when her newest release comes out called Young Prophet II. 

Want to catch her live? Check out these dates 

15. 11. : Yuca, Cologne (DE)
16.11. : Kantine am Berghain, Berlin (DE)
17.11. : Turmzimmer, Hamburg (DE)
20.11. : Rockhouse, Salzburg (AT)
21.11. : PPC, Graz (AT)
22.11. : Flex, Vienna (AT)
23.11. : p.m.k, Innsbruck (AT)
24.11. : PosthofLinz (AT)
5.12. : Ampere, Munich (DE)
6.12. : EXIL, Zurich (CH)
7.12. : Palace, St. Gallen (CH)
8.12. : Kaserne (Rosstall 1), Basel (CH)

Listen to more music here