Fijuka – Fijuka

Prepare to be get a musical disco ball to the temple as Fijuka take over your world.


We have been firm fans of Fijuka since hearing the extremely catchy Behave (from now on). The recent release of the flawless hommage to the disco tunes of yesteryear Phantom Sentimental simply increased these expectations. The band will finally release their long-awaited debut album on the 8th of November and it has been dominating the Substance is Meaningless playlist over the last few weeks.
Glamorous, rhythmic, sensual, sentimental, funky and eccentric. These are all words which sit well with Fijuka. It will come as no surprise to hear that Ankathie and Judith Filimónova aka Fijuka met each other during a seminar on women in popular music. Pop is very much the dominating theme which runs through the Vienna based duos self-titled debut.  From Prince to Kate Bush and back to Goldfrapp, the 11 tracks ooze pop glamour.
The album has been a long time in the making, with the band refusing to release their little disco ball of love and hate to the world until it was perfectly polished and bright enough to blind anyone who dares to get on the dancefloor.  The end product is an assemblage of funky beats, vocals powerful enough to tame the most ferocious of beasts and songs which are both sassy and sentimental at the same time.
Fijuka -Fijuka is an experimental potpurri of songs which is a little difficult at first but gets better and better with every listen. The band manage to balance elated joy, pleasure and delectation with a darker, satirical criticism of love, life and relationships without falling into overexageration and cliche. Disco-pop doozies like behave (from now on), Phantom Sentimental and 58 shimmy on up alongside the contemplative melancholy of the wonderful Trains and the progressive Icecubes On A Cactus In The Desert In The Spring Pt. II.
There are not enough influential, talented female bands/artists out there at the moment, but thankfully the numbers have been increased by Fijuka

Whether you are looking to get lost in your own thoughts on a cold winters night or want to kick the dust off and hit the dancefloor with your glad rags on. Fijuka – Fijuka has something for everyone. 7.5/10

Buy the album on the SEAYOU records Bandcamp page

live dates
03.10.2013 Austria, Vienna/Waves Festival
07.12.2013 Austria, Vienna/Mikes Werkstatt
11.12.2013 Austria, Vienna/brut


(C) Clemens Schneider
(C) Clemens Schneider
Austrian female duo ankathie (voc./synth) and Judith Filimónova (bass/voc.) aka FIJUKA have had a good year so far. Behave (from now on) has been doing the rounds and performing well since its release in April, while also being given the remix treatment by CPT. YOSSARIAN .
They have now topped that with Phantom Sentimental, a funky disco pop doozy which sees them get pull out all the glam stops. The video directed by Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel & Anselm Hartmann is an uncoventional look at the world of bbq’s and glam parties. It reminds me of a sordid take on the Austrian classic Muttertag.
Their self-titled debut album comes out in November on Seayou Records (get a sneak preview and order it here). If this and the previous tracks are anything to go by then we may well be getting our disco dancing on more often than expected over the next few months. If you want to catch them live then they will be playing this year’s Waves Vienna Festival (more info below).
03.10.2013:  Vienna/Waves Festival
07.12.2013:  Mikes Werkstatt
11.12.2013: Vienna/brut