Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – January 2019 – Part 3

Photo above: The Hugs – Sam Gehrke

The good music just keeps on getting better! Here’s part three of the best tracks by new artists that have been sent to us over the last few weeks.

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The Hugs – Fool

If Brit-pop and the Pacific Northwest made sweet, dirty love, you’d get The Hugs. Their angst-ridden, get-up-and-dance sound is cut with a dose of nostalgic indie and garage rock that only comes as a product of slightly off-centered creative types and too many consecutive days of rain.


Grim Streaker – A.D.D

Grim Streaker plays a mixture of snotty, mid-tempo punk of late-70s New York and London, with a dose of the fast, abrasive hardcore that emerged in L.A. and D.C. in the early-80s, alongside a hint of angular, moody post-punk. Their latest single A.D.D has an infectious energy that will give you that ‘don’t give a fuck’ injection you need for the day.


Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Keen For Kick Ons

What. A. Fucking. Band. Name. The song is a nice bit of all right as well. Graduating from the same thriving scene as Aussie heavyweights Tame Impala and King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, the unpredictable Perth four-piece spent 2018 dominating sold-out live shows throughout the UK, Europe & Australia, sharing bills with acts including Royal Blood, Interpol and Nothing But Thieves, and firmly justifying the hype with their sprawling barrage of psychedelia. They’re touring the UK and US over the next few months.


Church Girls – Cycles

Church Girls’ forthcoming EP, Cycles, grapples with the dissolution of relationships, and the responsibility one faces in setting boundaries for loved ones who encounter the quicksand of substance abuse. The EP is now out and can be listened to here: Spotify & iTunes


Hobby Club – For Maurice

This is a track that gets better with every listen from London-based indie-pop duo Hobby Club. It’s the debut single off their first EP ‘Video Days’ which is out on 8th March on Manchester tastemaker label Heist or Hit



We actually first mentioned this band back in 2014 when their debut EP This Season came out. So it’s nice to see that band is still going strong with their latest nocturnal love song, Bed Bug.


Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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