Sunday Sounds – 6 tracks to make your day

(Photo above: Oscar Jerome by Will Millar)

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday? Then check out these new releases!

Want to have your music featured? Then drop us an email on one of these below. 

Oh, and we LOVE being sent ACTUAL, REAL, PHYSICAL music, so drop us a line if you want to make our day. 


Bishop Ivy – 15 

“15” is the debut single off of Bishop Ivy’s forthcoming project, All Things Temporary, that highlights his hybrid sound. He describes himself as a one man emo band, he makes melodic, modern-day pop music that is diverse and cinematic


Oscar Jerome – Misty Head/Sunny Street

Misty Head / Sunny Street’ is a sublime jazz-tinged R&B number that falls somewhere between Tom Misch, King Krule and Thundercat (who actually happened to be in attendance at Oscar’s most recent London show) and comes on the back of a very busy 2018 for the Londoner. Definitely one to look out for in the future.


Toledo – Qué Pasa

Brooklyn-based based Toledo hit the chill button big time with their latest track Qué Pasa? the 3rd single off their debut album, which is out this March.


RY X – YaYaYa

Australian solo artist RY X returns with his 3rd album, Unfurl, in February, and if this is anything to go by it should prove to be very popular.

He’ll be in Vienna a day after the release of his third album, Unfurl. If you like singer-songwriters and then this is for you. Link 



SMiiLE – Mystical Experience

Experimental Austin-based pop band SMiiLe bring out the sunny vibes with their latest track, Mystical Experience. Notably polyrhythmic and complex, but with a pop-influenced buoyancy that satiates, you’ll find it hard to not love this one.

Outer – Snowfox

Snowfox by Belgian band Outer interprets the story of George Orwell’s ‘1984’.  A dark and dystopian future, that becomes more and more reality. The vocal melody and lyrics (=main character) get more and more positive towards the end, while the music (=community) becomes harder and darker. This story and contradiction are visualised in the abstract video by Bert Juliaan.


Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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