Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – January 2019 – Part 2

Photo above: Someone

Yes, we’re halfway through fucking January. By far, the worst month of the year. Thank god we have good music to get us through it, right? Here’s part two of our January top tracks that have been sent to us.

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Someone – Pull it together

This is a lovely track from multi-disciplinary Amsterdam artist Someone, AKA Tessa Rose Jackson, released on [PIAS] Recordings. Combining infectious psych-pop with the vibes of early 90s French electronica pioneers Air, it is the first single taken from her upcoming new EP Orbit. 


Instagram // Facebook // Spotify // Twitter 

Kita Minaro – Pretty Sure 

Kita Menari is the solo project from Micha de Jonge and the track has elements of everything from 1975, Phoenix, Passion Pit and even a hint of Maroon 5? Interesting fact: the name of the project comes from a near-death experience Micha had whilst scuba diving in Malaysia. His tank got jammed whilst underwater meaning he had to fight his way to the surface on his final breath of air. He spent the night partying to celebrate ‘being alive’ and woke up in the morning with ‘Kita Menari’ written on a piece of paper in his pocket; discovered it was Malay for ‘we dance’ and decided that was going to be his musical motto going forward. Now that is a motto to live for!


Novelties – Pillow Talk 

Sisters Kelly Kawaii and Sophie Kowai come together to form the powerful pop duo novelties. Pillow Talk is such a strangely enjoyable song in ways that are difficult to describe. Just listen to it and hear for yourself.


McCall – Stone Cold

A strong dose of the pop vibes in this next addition from singer-songwriter McCall. Did we add it because we hope it’s a song about the one and only Steve Austin? Quite possibly…


INSTA: @thatgirlmccall
TWITTTER: @thatgirlmccall

Harlem – Blonde on Blonde

Harlem is the combined efforts of two songwriters, Coomers and Curtis, who grew up together in Tucson, Arizona. After spending some time playing in various punk bands Coomers relocated to San Francisco, and Curtis kicked around for a bit in Nashville. Aimless. And bored. Coomers soon re-joined his friend in Tennessee, and the two formed a band of their own. Blonde on Blonde is the latest track off their new album Oh Boy, the follow-up to 2010’s Hippies, which will be released on Female Fantasy Records on 14th of February.

Tender – Bottle Up

London duo Tender make synth-pop full of feeling and emotion, mixing Tame Impala like beats with MGMT strangeness and much more. They will playing in Vienna in February along with other European dates.



Daste. – Sober

We loved the Australian bands debut track, and it’s fair to say that their second single is just as, if not better, than their first. Full of smooth sounds and electro-funk beats, you’ll find it hard to resist.


DOV – Be Your Lover 

We finish up with some lo-fi electro from Brooklyn-based, Tel Aviv-born queer pop artist DOV. Detuned synths and effervescent textures swell and wane throughout the dark and brooding track as DOV sings in layers of injured tones with pervasive plurality.


Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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