Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – January 2019

Photo above: Miss Grit

Happy New Year! 2019 is upon us, which, for many of us, will be the last time we’ll ever live in a year ending in ‘teen’ – just let that one sink in for a while…

It also means we’re just one year away from the roaring 20s again! We’re more than ready for some jazz age frolics!

Until then, we still have some awesome music to deliver. Here’s to a good 2019!

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Balthazar – I’m never gonna let you down again

Balthazar start 2019 with a new track taken from their new album Fever out January 25th on Play It Again Sam. It’s another brilliant track from the album and they’re a band we can’t get enough of right now. Their European tour starts in February.


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Yoste – Chihiro

Brisbane-bred bedroom singer/songwriter/producer Yoste (pronounced like ‘lost’) has released a wandering reverie with multi-layered melodic movement and an ambient breeze in the form of Chihiro. The track also comes with a new remix by multi-instrumentalist and Bonobo touring mate Catching Flies


Miss Grit – The Bride

We featured Miss Grit in December and their 2nd release is just as good as the first. The 4-track EP ‘Talk Talk’ comes out on 11th January.


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Sam Hoffman – Glencrest Lane

Sam Hoffman’s Glencrest Lane is a consuming example of strong songwriting and aesthetic, recalling ’60s and ’70s rock/pop while emphasizing a jangly feel.

Summer Heart – Touch

Summer Heart is frontman and producer David Alexander. Much like his work of recent, ‘Touch’ sits in that woozy RnB-pop world the Swedish frontman has created for himself. Taking inspiration from the likes of Toro Y Moi and Animal Collective, the new single plays with pulsing keys and a warped baseline, giving it a warm and vibrant glow as it swoons us from start to finish. Summer Heart will on touring the US in February and March.

Toro y Moi – Ordinary Pleasure 

Another brilliant track from Toro y Moi ahead of the release of the forthcoming album ‘Outer Peace’ on January 18th. The track oozes funk and sexiness that you’ll find hard to resist.

Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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