Help save WUK – Donate now

One of Vienna most important cultural centres is in danger of going out of existence. The 160-year-old building that hosts it is in need of renovation, with the first step being the electrical facilities throughout the grounds at a total cost of up to €850,000. That’s an astronomical amount that they can’t pay on their own. Quite simply, WUK needs your help!

Whether you live in Vienna or have just visited, if you love music, arts and culture then you’ve probably heard of, or been to WUK.

It’s a place where we’ve cried tears of joy and pain during football World Cups, sang our hearts out to amazing acts and performers in the foyer and main halls, interviewed and drank with talented artists backstage and scratched our chins and works of art in the vernissage on countless nights and early mornings. Others enjoy the nurseries, workshops and much much more the centre has to offer on a daily basis.

Without sounding dramatic, a Vienna without WUK simply isn’t imaginable.

Help out by donating here:

Here’s a little taste of what we might miss out on in the future…

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