Sunday Sounds – Loyal Lobos – The Fall EP

(Photo above by Sydney Yatco)

Sometimes it’s good to feel sad. To bathe in melancholy. To accept that some things are gone forever, some things have changed and will never be the same. And to realise that this isn’t always a bad thing. Sundays are good days for these kind of thoughts, and The Fall EP by Loyal Lobos is the perfect soundtrack.


Under the moniker of Loyal Lobos, LA-based singer and songwriter Andrea Silva crafts raw, alt-folk songs that break convention. Imbued with a hazy melancholy, Silva mines personal experience, the melodrama of Colombian telenovelas, and memories of a childhood during which her parents considered music an unwelcome distraction to create poetic, painterly music that makes sweeping allusions to love, sexuality and femininity.

Loyal Lobos discards simplistic pop narratives and traditional folk story arcs, turning instead to sounds and words that conjure images, textures and situations specific to her life. And yet – as with many great songwriters – this specificity is used as a way to explore emotional themes that resonate both deeply and broadly.

Two years since producing her first demo Silva released her debut EP, The Fall, in October of this year.

In the aftermath of a failed relationship, whilst sofa surfing and seeking solace in Los Angeles, Silva began to write songs that describe love and heartbreak but refuse to slip into the inertia of all-consuming sadness. The resultant tracks formed The Fall, a sonic journey laced with harmonic and textural gifts that describes a far-reaching, complex sense of loss, reflection and recovery. “I enjoyed the feeling of being sad” says Silva.  “People forget that being sad is so important, we just neglect it. It’s when you strip naked and you lose your ego. This record is very precious to me, it’s a screen shot of my life.”

Moving gracefully between the stripped-back, pin-drop intimacy and sweeping, grand dream sequence melodies, the record is buoyed throughout by Silva’s arresting, indelible vocal. Expressive guitar lines and euphoric waves of percussion create a transportive, restless soundscape; a fitting backdrop for Silva’s attempts to pull at the concept of heartbreak from every angle.

The EP’s title track and lead single describes the delirium of a collapsing relationship, whilst the lush, momentous “Dirt” explores the self-destructive tendencies that define the post-breakup mindset. “Burn” is a crushing reminder of our childlike vulnerability in the search for intimacy. “Swim”, meanwhile, was written in the stage of acceptance.

The Fall began as an exercise in personal catharsis, required to end the process of love and loss. “Sometimes a song, or just a three-note riff or a little phrase just kind of takes my guard down completely – I want people to experience that” explains Silva. “When I was going through those hard times it was important for me to stop fighting and neglecting sadness and just marinate in it. This is what I created from it.” As a completed project, The Fall is arresting and deeply moving; it finds unfailing beauty and depth where many only see despair.



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