Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – December 2018

Photo above: Sasha 

Jingle bells, batman smells, robin flew away. Here are the best tracks that have landed in our inboxes so far this December.

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Sasha – Ouch!

London singer-songwriter Sasha shares her latest dazzling dose of electro-pop with brand new single Ouch!, blending unique and interesting soundscapes with pop production, euphoric choruses and quirky, self-deprecating lyricism.


Henry Jamison – Ether Garden 

Ether Garden is the latest single from Vermont songwriter Henry Jamison and it is another chapter in his exploration of masculinity and the third track of the upcoming album Gloria, which comes out next February.


Oxen – Årstaberg

Oxen is a two-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Erik Hases and Stefan Söderqvist. Striving for the perfect song, they’re not far off the mark with latest track Årstaberg! 


Joy Downer – Plastic Wrap

In an era of excessive materialism, over-socialization and identity crisis, Joy Downer presents an indictment against it all, not with a condescending or patronizing attitude but with a cheeky eyebrows-raised invitation to dance the asphyxiating wraps of society off of your body.


Michael Jablonka – Papier-mâché

Michael Jablonka’s powerful 21st-century take on grungy alt-blues is proof that there’s still nothing to tingle the spine like raw, beautiful mastery of the electric six-string. Keep your eye out for this lad in London next year. Also, this is the first track in ages that features an actual, decent guitar solo. Good to have you back, guitar solo.


Moderate Rebels – The Value of Shares

London-based “anti-music” collective Moderate Rebels’ second album ‘Shared Values’ is like a lot of their music so far – it happened almost by accident. ‘The Value Of Shares’ is the latest track off that album and it touches on modern life turning virtual and full of substitutes.


Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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