Substance Is Meaningless Top tracks – November 2018 – Part 2

Photo above: GURU – Millie Davis 

The great music in November continues with another eclectic selection of the best tracks that landed in our inbox.

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Guru – Consumer Helpline

Emerging from the high-rent utopia of Brighton, indie newcomers GURU announce themselves with their irresistible take on punk in the form of debut single Consumer Helpline

Sugar Jacket – How Many Times

As far as debut tracks go, this is pretty damn good from Australian producer William van der Vliet AKA Sugar Jacket, who’s psychedelic sonic guitarscapes often take flight in his car of all places…

Dahlia Sleeps – Love, lost 

Detailing a feeling of wishing you could solve the struggle for someone you love, but knowing you don’t hold the key to that struggle – the track continues to show the band’s deft touch when it comes to creating swirling, atmospheric pop songs. The EP ‘Love, Lost’ will be released on January 18th via Beatnik Creative. 

Vanity Fairy – Loverman

Pop newcomer Vanity Fairy shares blissed-out synth treat Loverman, detailing her fresh  approach to the genre ahead of next month’s Lust For Dust debut EP release.

Filous – Bicycle (feat. klei)

Ahh, you know those songs that just make you feel happy? You know, all cosy and warm without any real reason? This is one of them.

Elis Noa – Five 

Add some colour into the dreary, grey winter weather with Five by Vienna-based band Elis Noa. The track illustrates the transience of a relationship and stands for five years. The lyrics self-reflect whether the passionate and rebellious beginning is facing an irresistible end. Is it possible to hold on, or at least, make the end bearable?

Listen to the tracks in our playlist in full here

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