Video of the day: Culk – ‘Faust’

Culk continue the excellent work of their debut track ‘Begierde/Scham’ with another track that just gets under your skin. From the simplistic rhythm to the hypnotic lyrics of lead-singer Sophie Löw, there’s just something immensely wonderful about this band.
Catch them live at the following gigs


18.02.2019 Passau, Zauberberg

19.02.2019 Freiburg, Slow Club

20.02.2019 Köln, Buhmann & Sohn

21.02.2019 Hannover, Zum Stern

22.02.2019 Hamburg, Molotow

23.02.2019 Berlin, Monarch

25.02.2019 Dresden, Ostpol

26.02.2019 Nürnberg, Club Stereo

27.02.2019 Bamberg, Pizzini

22.03.2019 Salzburg, Arge

23.03.2019 Linz, Kapu

26.04.2019 Stuttgart, Merlin

04.05.2019 München, Milla





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