NRVS LVRS release new single + European tour in October and November


NRVS LVRS (pronounced Nervous Lovers) are a dark wave duo from San Francisco and they are currently on tour in Europe, possibly even playing at your home town (dates below).

Their new single ‘Lost To The Max’ is another example of the dreamy, synth pop powers married couple Andrew Gomez and Bevin Fernandez have at their fingertips. It’s dark, jaded and romantically beautiful at the same time, almost the perfect representation of the world today, you could say…

Watch the video to the new track off their new album, ‘Electric Dread’ (out October 13th) below.


Upcoming gigs:

16.10. Monomontag | Winterthur (CH)

17.10. Plan B | Salzburg (AT)

19.10. NBL | Leipzig (DE)

20.10. Fliese | Halle/ Saale (DE)

21.10. Cord | München (DE)

22.10. Scheune | Dresden (DE)

24.10. Helter Skelter | Hamburg (DE)

25.10. Wildenbruch | Berlin (DE)

28.10. Sparte4 | Saarbrücken (DE)

29.10. Wohnzimmerkonzert | Linz (AT)

30.10. Kabinet MUZ | Brno (CZ)

31.10. Herr Vincent | Villach (AT)

2.11. Lendhafen Cafe | Klagenfurt (AT)

3.11. Tumult | Kremsmünster (AT)

4.11. Zelena Dvorana | Zabok (CRO)

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