On a park bench with…..Farewell Dear Ghost

(c) Lena Prehal
(c) Lena Prehal

The flawless debut album “We Colour The Night” by Farewell Dear Ghost has finally hit the shops and it is deservedly grabbing the headlines. One of the best albums to come out of Austria so far this year? Most definitely. We caught up with the man behind the ghost Phillip Szalay to talk about cocktails to knock your socks off, THE ultimate Käsespätzle and the band’s future plans to tour with The Boss.

Get the album on vinyl from Der Greiszler  or digital on iTunes/Amazon

Beer or spritzer? In the summer there’s nothing better than having a Kardamint-Spritzer at the Parkhouse in Graz. At the after-show party I prefer beer though.

Käsespätzle or Eiernockerl? Ultimate Käsespätzle = Speck + Steirisches Kernöl

If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be?  The NationalHigh Violet. Seriously, how is it even possible to make such a fantastic album?


Your celebrity crush is………   Female crush: Natalie Portman & Emma Watson  Male crush: Serge Pizzorno

Your favourite cocktail is…… Marcel. This drink will knock you out for sure and you can only get it at the Musichouse in Graz. Also it tastes like gummi bears and that’s awesome.

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?

Celebrity: Anyone who considers him/herself an IT-person.

Book: The 1000-page book on “How To Use Adobe Photoshop” or something like that.

Album: A Justin Bieber album, because I know that I’d eventually start to love it. (SIM – we hope this day never comes, never. ever. comes.)



Acoustic or electric (guitar/music)? Acoustic guitar/music to impress the girls. Electric guitar/music to impress the dudes.

80s or 90s – which decade had the best fashion? I think I go for the 80s – at least everything was flashy as hell back then. My uncle used to wear a neon-coloured onesie for skiing and that beats baggy jeans anytime.

4 albums you couldn’t live without… 

The NationalHigh Violet

Oasis Definitely Maybe

Ryan AdamsHeartbreaker


A word you use far too often is…… I don’t know for sure, but there are some words and expressions that I use far too less, like “schnickschnack”, “papperlapapp”, “zappenduster”, or “Da rappelts im Karton!”

Your guilty pleasure (musically) is… 

David Hasselhoff. “Looking For Freedom” and “Crazy For You” are just timeless classics. (SIM – FDG is not the first to reveal a soft spot for the Hofmeister)

Longboard or skateboard?  Actually, I have a Penny skateboard, which tries to be a longboard in the size of a skateboard.

CD or vinyl? CDs are super handy and comfortable to carry around and share and sometimes I still buy them, but over the last year I switched to buying records mainly on vinyl. Simply for sexiness reasons.

What is currently on your mp3 player/cd player/ record player?

The National‘Graceless’ from their recent album “Trouble Will Find Me”



The first album you ever bought was…….

The one and only “Bravo Hits”. I can’t remember which number it was, but I remember being really proud of myself for buying it.

A country you have never been to but would love to visit is…. Iceland. I think I would just stare at awe at all this raw and beautiful nature and be really amazed by it.

Tatort – perfect Sunday evening entertainment or a complete no go? To be honest, I’ve watched Tatort only once. It was good, but it didn’t get me hooked too much. So it’s not a no go, but it isn’t a must-see for me either.

Name 3 songs you listen to to “fire you up” and motivate you before going on stage/going out/doing sport etc 

My ritual before going on stage doesn’t include any music. Before a show I try to have some moments for myself to concentrate. I wouldn’t need some song to motivate me anyway, all this wonderful tension and excitement for going on stage is there anyway.

My top-three songs for a good night out are:

Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Jamie T Sticks ‘n’ Stones

Kanye WestBlkkk Skkkn Head


Your favourite piece of clothing is…… My jacket(s). I’m a little obsessed with jackets and coats. However, it really got better over the last years and I managed to lose the urge to buy a new jacket every few months.

Also I really like my fingerless gloves. They’re made of wool, and super cosy and just look very cool.

Graz or Vienna?  I really don’t know, both cities have their perks. Fortunately I get to enjoy both, as I happen to be in Vienna quite often. But I have lived in Graz for 5 years now, so i wouldn’t mind too much moving to vienna in the foreseeable future to discover some new secrets there.

What can we expect from Farewell Dear Ghost in 2014? What is in the pipeline? Do have any other gigs or a tour planned?

We’ll play some more shows this year and have some cool things planned for next year. For example, in early 2014 “We colour the night” will be released in USA/CAN by Minty Fresh. Also we plan on releasing in Germany & Switzerland. So the plan is basically getting the album as far out of Austria as we can and eventually start touring with Bruce Springsteen. I’m just kidding, although this would be beyond awesome.



Farewell Dear Ghost will be playing the following gigs to celebrate the release of “We Colour The Night”

21.11. Postgarage // Graz // Album Release Show + Catastrophe & Cure

05.12. B72 // Vienna // Album Release Show

20.12. Posthof // Linz // + Bilderbuch

02.01. Treibhaus // Innsbruck

01.02. d’Wintergschicht // Heidenreichstein

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