on a park bench with……. Fijuka

(C) clemens schneider
(C) clemens schneider

They are the newly crowned princesses of Viennese indie pop after the release of their excellent debut album “Fijuka”, and Ankathie and Judith Filimónova have been deservedly hogging the headlines of every magazine and website of note in recent weeks. The duo took a break ahead of the preperations for their album release party in Chelsea on the 13th of November to answer our “questions” and talk about kathi’s “thing” for hairy men, and how Judith gets overly excited at the sight of grey jumpers.

The winter season is approaching- Glühwein or Punsch? Judith: Glühwein. I love to make it at home with Glühfix.  Plus I have had very bad experiences with Punsch. Kathi – Punsch, it gives my face a healthy glow, and makes me nicer.

Yppenplatz or Naschmarkt? J: I do not often visit these places, but I think I prefer Naschmarkt, especially in the morning. I also like the tourists there, I like imagining I am a tourist, too, and therefore on vacation. K: Yppen Yppen Yppenplatz!

If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be?

Judith: The Rolling Stones Let it bleed. Great band, great record, end of the sixties, with Brian Jones still alive….

Kathi: Hejira or maybe Graceland? Puh, that’s difficult…. ah wait Rubber Soul!! One Day in Studio with John Winston, well….

Your celebrity crush is………  J: Keira Knightley  K: When i was a Child, i really loved Patrick Swayze. I know it’s so phoney..and i think Clarke Gable is so sexy, but in the late 40ies of course! Who was the guy with the big big moustache from “No Country for Old Men?” gosh, that Guy is really …yummie….

(SIM –  Josh Brolin would be the one you are looking for there. Here is a useless fact. He plays alongside Tommy Lee Jones in that film, and played a younger TLJ in Men in Black 3. He was also the older brother in The Goonies…..Knowledge is power)

80s or 90s – which decade had the best fashion? J: Right now I love the 90s style, I can’t get enough of spaghetti straps, flower print dresses with denim jackets and checked shirts on the hips, baggy jeans with crop tops… K: The 80ies!! What a question?! May i remind you of Dr. Motte and Love Parade “Fashion”? brrrr…

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?

Judith: Robert Pattinson, some Dan Brown book, “Troy” (with Brad Pitt) and a Shakira or Nickleback album. (SIM – we were going to embed a Nickleback song into this post, but the computer started having violent convulsions everytime we typed it into the search engine. Worst. band. ever.)

Kathi:  I once read a book from David Safier, I guess it was “Bad Karma”, it was so bad, I had to puke between the pages. (SIM – sounds like messy reading). That Movie “Seite an Seite” (Stepmom), watch it, you’ll know, what i mean.

Musically probably something from Wildecker Herzbuam

A word you use far too often….. J: “Ur” and “cool”. However, I would like to use some words like “geilo” or “mega” more often. K: volle

Your favourite district in Vienna is…. J: The 2nd, Leopoldstadt. Wien Leopoldstadt is the best district! K: 3rd ah wait I mean 2nd….

4 albums you couldn’t live without… 

Judith: Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs, Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsNo more shall we part, BlumfeldOld Nobody, Billie HolidayLady in Satin

Kathi: The BeatlesRubber Soul, Joni Mitchell Hejira, Tom Waits Rain dogs, Fleetwood MacTusk

Your favourite watering hole (bar) in Vienna is…….J: I cannot tell you because I do not want any more people to go there. K: Transporter Bar, Café Moped, Rhiz...can’t decide, always depends on my Mood

Your guilty pleasure (musically) is…

Judith: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and I even like a song by Willow Smith (SIM – We found a video with them both! It is, erm, hmmm… on another note Willow’s brother Jaden is renowned for getting “deep” on Twitter by the way, check them out here)

Kathi has no comment for this one, we have chosen a classically awful guilty pleasure for her. Have fun getting this out your head.

A country you have never been to but would love to visit is…. J: South Africa and Las Vegas. Is it in Nevada? Then Nevada, and Mississippi, I would like to travel across the U.S., and I would also love to visit Peru and Chile. K: Japan!!!

It is Movember – mustache or beard? Which looks better?  J: Mustache! Fits every woman. K: Both!! The hairier, the better!!!! Even on the back, i love that…mjammm…

Name 3 songs you listen to to “chill out” on a Sunday afternoon

Judith: Lay Lady Lay by Bob DylanNobody knows me by The Weepies, Il Ragazzo della Via Gluck by Adriano Celentano

Riding for a Feeling by Bill Callahan, Flume by Bon Iver, Give up the Ghost by Radiohead

Hipster or Bobo? J: Bobster and Hibo!  (SIM –  We forgot to mention BoHo – Bohemian hobo) K: i’ll pass

What is currently on your mp3 player/cd player/ record player? J: KelisMilkshake  K: A little bit of this a little bit of that.

The first album you ever bought was…….

Judith: Michael JacksonDangerous

Kathi: Arielle, The Little Mermaid. “Shalalalala…” that was quite a while ago…..i guess. (SIM  – 1989 to be exact…..)

Your favourite piece of clothing is…… J: Grey Jumpers! I have plenty of them and still get excited whenever I see one in a shop. K: My red Femme Maison Coat.

Viennale or Berlinale?  J: Berlinale. Just because I have never been there. K: Verlinale

What can we expect from Fijuka in 2014? What is in the pipeline? Do have any other gigs or a tour planned?

Judith: We will go on tour in spring, the exact dates will be announced as soon as everything is fixed. We are so looking forward to being on the road!

In the mean time keep an eye out for updates on their website and Facebook page.

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